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Those who escort us where we’re supposed to be

I’ve always been a little confused by the concepts of fate and destiny, yet I do have some sense of the distinction between them and, more importantly, how they apply to our lives.  To me, fate is the circumstance into … Continue reading

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“The days are long. The years are short.”

I have to share this two-minute movie.  The cumulative effect of how we choose to spend our days is much greater than usually realize.  Choosing to see the joy in everyday life is the wisest choice of all.

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Some things I’ve learned

  For almost all of the first part of my life, up to my early 40s, I resisted anything the smacked remotely of self-help or personal development.   I suspect this had to do with the possibility of discovering weaknesses … Continue reading

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How do you spend your precious life?

My task here is to convince you of the great value of your life.  Because I think your time is precious, I will try to be brief. I visited my soon-to-be 26-year-old daughter last week in her home in Austin, … Continue reading

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Pity the poor extravert

Maybe it’s selective perception, but it seems like I’ve seen many references lately celebrating the introvert.  I get the feeling that perhaps introverts are tired of being misunderstood as shy or socially awkward, neither of which is necessarily true.  Indeed, … Continue reading

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Strength in numbers

When I was visiting my daughter, who is almost 26, last weekend, she told me about a new activity amongst her and her friends, which she called “Skills Night”.  The idea is that each person wrote down three skills that … Continue reading

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When winning isn’t the goal

What if you could negotiate on your behalf or on behalf of others without compromising that which you think you deserve and being a decent person?  What if you could separate a problem facing you from the person you think … Continue reading

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Avoiding grievances

Some suggestions for “How to avoid grievances” by John Wooden 1. Get all the facts. What went wrong — not who is to blame. 2. Stay calm. Find the solution together. Do not permit emotions to take over. 3. Criticize … Continue reading

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My brief life as a vagabond

There was a  time in my early 20s when I found myself to be homeless. My father had died and I hadn’t much wanted to go home before that anyway, as he was in the last throes of his life … Continue reading

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How do you approach important conversations?

Do you sometimes send an e-mail to avoid a difficult conversation? Have you left voicemail as a hit-and-run technique? Have you made yourself scarce from someone’s presence so that you could stay safely away from a topic of conversation? I … Continue reading

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