Questions I ask myself

Sometimes, I wonder.

What if I put away my phone anytime I was in a meeting or dining with someone?

What if I actually got eight hours sleep each night?

What if I took a few minutes each day to reflect on my goals and what I’ve done to achieve them?

What if I listened more than spoke?

What if I avoided spending time aimlessly web surfing?

What if I made sure to thank someone in person or in writing every day?

What if I turned off the television except for special programs?

What if I read the classics?

What if I learned a language not my own?

What if I gave some time to a worthy cause?

What if I tried harder to understand than to be understood?

What if I made sure I thought before speaking?

What if I took ownership for all my actions?

What if I chose to give my colleagues the benefit of a doubt?

What if I acted without regard for who gets the credit?

Finally, what if I gave myself and others grace when we aren’t able to do all of the above?



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